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Our Community

Everyone working at BNS Solutions shares our founder’s vision of serving both our clients and our communities. And by community, we refer not only to the people of Walpole, Massachusetts, but also to the worldwide community of engineers and designers.

That’s why we’re happy to participate in the exciting programs listed below.

Engineering Success
We work with engineering students and other teens at local schools on real world design projects. The program strives to help encourage the next generation of engineers and to give a sense of purpose and success to teens in general.
The Christmas Card Project
BNS Solutions is proud to make an annual donation to the local school system computer foundation in exchange for a collection of unique cards designed by each student.
Engineer Shadowing
A college or high school student comes to the BNS campus and shadows a working engineer for a day. This helps the student learn what a career in engineering can lead to and (hopefully) encourages them to pursue their studies.
Co-op Programs
BNS Solutions sponsors an ongoing co-operative program where engineering students from Northeastern University work under the guidance of one of our engineers as they solve a real world problem.
FIRST Tech Challenge
We’ve proudly mentored local teams competing in the national FIRST Tech Challenge where teams of students build robots based on sound technology and rapid prototyping.
It costs us more to reuse shipping material, use recycled paper where possible, and keep the footprint of all our products as small as possible, but it’s an effort that everyone at BNS Solutions knows is well worth it.